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Welcome to Green Haus Foods, where innovation meets sustainability meets FLAVA! Elevate your culinary creations in the comforts of your home kitchen or delight your discerning customers with our premium organic and whole food ingredient-based vegan meat alternatives. From health conscious families to trendsetting vegan bistros and eco-conscious food professionals to health-focused cafes and fitness meal preppers, our vegan meats are crafted to meet your unique needs.

Unlock Culinary Creativity: Inspire your inner chef with our diverse range of vegan alternative meats! From succulent "chicken" strips to savory "beef" tenderloins and zesty chorizo and smokey “bacon” substitutes, our selection ignites a world of culinary possibilities.

Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing: Join the eco-friendly movement! Our commitment to ethical and organic sourcing ensures that you serve your customers with a clear conscience, promoting a sustainable lifestyle that aligns with your values.

Seamless Cooking Experience: Save time without sacrificing taste! Our vegan meats are designed to be easy to prepare, whether you’re a busy working parent and need to have dinner done in a jiff or if you're a food service professional your kitchen staff can focus on delivering mouthwatering dishes that impress and satisfy in a timely manner.

Power Your Fitness Goals: Empower your fitness goals with our high-protein vegan alternatives! Packed with plant-based goodness, our vegan meats fuel you or your clients' workouts and supports your health journey.

Clean, Nutritious, and Delicious: Your customers deserve the best! Green Haus Foods' vegan alternative meats are free from artificial additives, preservatives, and overly processed ingredients, ensuring clean eating without compromising on flavor.


Friends and co-founders of Green Haus Foods, Miguel Navarro and Marcus Ducheine have a passion for delivering good quality, plant-based food to our communities. After years of working side by side in commercial kitchens, they recognized a need for health-promoting, environmentally-conscious food options. So, they decided to start their own food production company. Which has allowed them to partner with like-minded food entrepreneurs, popular restaurants, and businesses throughout South Florida to help sustainably scale and create healthy, natural, plant-based foods for the masses. Miguel and Marcus' commitment to personal and environmental health, combined with their rapport for helping colleagues throughout their careers, has resulted in a company that stands for excellence in plant-based food production. We invite you to try our products and join us in our mission to promote healthy and sustainable living.

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What People Are Saying


Greenhaus foods chorizo has incredible flavor.



i ordered the Adashah, we fried them up and tossed with our favorite seasoning. So yum, nearly devoured the whole bowl.



We needed an alternative meat for a vegan meat sauce for a catering. the crumble had great flavor and good texture.


new fav veg meat

The Smoked Riblets and Chickn were great hit our vegan bbq. Everybody enjoyed.


Why choose us?

Restaurant Quality

We love and care about people and food. Amazing food should not be restricted to your favorite restaurant but should also be easily accessible to the average home chef.

Better Ingredients

Most plant-based proteins on the market are filled to the brim with ingredients that are harmful at worst and unrecognizable at best. We aim to offer products that are comprised of whole food ingredients that you know and love.

Reliable and Efficient

Our eyes and ears are always open. We work hand and hand with our clients and customers to ensure we serve the needs and values of our partners and patrons.