Green Haus Foods is a South Florida-based food manufacturer focused on the production and distribution of plant based specialty foods. We have partnered with food innovators such as House of Chick’n and ADASHAH Vegan Protein  to scale and expand operations primarily in South Florida’s local market and eventually nationwide. Our services include: food manufacturing, cold storage, and food distribution. Much like an actual greenhouse, we work with companies that are in their seed stage, serving as an integrated foundation to grow and expand manufactured food operations.   
  • How it Started:

    Green Haus Kitchen was born in April of 2020. Co-founders Miguel Navarro and Marcus Ducheine teamed up after years of working side by side in commercial kitchens and decided to fulfill a need they began to see develop with other food service professionals they worked with. With the network and relationships they built in the alternative food space along with their shared passion for personal and environmental health they decided to embark on a goal they had been dreaming of for years, having their own manufacturing facility that would allow them to partner with other food entrepreneurs that were aligned in values and help them scale and develop health promoting environmentally conscious plant based protein options

    A look into the future:

    Green Haus Food continues to scale operations as a South Florida based food manufacturers that focuses on plant-based food products. Eventually we aim to be positioned as a leading, regional distributor of plant based specialty food products throughout the U.S. In tandem with our efforts as a niche wholesaler, we strive to serve and grow with our partnered business owners as well as our every day community members by offering restaurant quality, health promoting, plant based protein options efficiently, conveniently and at a comparable and affordable pricing model at the wholesale level as well as retail. 


    Why We're different:

    Green Haus Foods is not your average plant-based meat alternative company. Here's why:


    1. Unique and delicious: We offer a range of plant-based products that you won't find anywhere else. From our smoked rib tips and brisket to our superfood burger patties. Our chickpea based products are a standout among the competition.


    2. Sustainability is key: Our commitment is sustainability. Our mission is to source ingredients that are of highest quality and nutrient density to ensure our customers are eating health promoting plant based proteins that are not only good for them but good for the planet. We are committed to drastically reducing our environmental footprint . As our company grows, so will our ability to make these practices even more affordable and efficient. 

    3. Health is a top priority: We are focused on creating plant-based products that are not only environmentally sustainable, but also healthy for our customers. We prioritize nutrition and wellness, which gives us an edge over competitors who may prioritize taste over health.


    4. Always innovating: Our company is constantly pushing the boundaries and looking for ways to improve our products and sustainability practices. We aim to stay ahead of the curve in the industry and always strive to be and do better.

    Our Social Cause:

    The social cause that is most important to our business is decreasing our environmental footprint and as well as promoting health with better food options that taste amazing and are nutritionally dense. Here at Green Haus Foods our core mission is to improve our environment and our personal health. Environmentally speaking, it’s way more efficient and cost effective to eat plant based foods in general, as it requires 80% less water to grow vegetables than it does a full grown animal for consumption. And from a health perspective, our plant based alternatives contain over 13g of protein per serving , have zero cholesterol, zero trans fats, completely soy free and are made with whole food ingredients.


    Why Choose Us:

    1. Restaurant Quality – We love and care about people and food. Amazing
    food should not be restricted to your favorite restaurant but should
    also be easily accessible to the average home chef.

    2. Better Ingredients – Most plant-based proteins on the market are filled
    to the brim with ingredients that are harmful at worst and
    unrecognizable at best. We aim to offer products that are comprised of
    whole food ingredients that you know and love.

    3. Reliable and Efficient – Our eyes and ears are always open. We work
    hand and hand with our clients and customers to ensure we serve the
    needs and values of our partners and patrons.